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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family of Sieward S. Buining

Family Group No.15
Husband: Sieward Steve Buining
Born: 16 Dec 1888, Mobile, Alabama
Died: April 1982, New Orleans, Louisiana
Father:Buining (Naturalized Citizen)
MILITARY SERVICE: Battery C, 2nd Field Artillery, United States Army; Honorably Discharged after three years active duty on 3 Oct 1913 at Fort McKinley, Philipine Islands.
His character was cited as "Excellant."
Occupation: Chief Marine Engineer, United States Merchant Marine. (Service in WWII).
Married: New Orleans, Louisiana
Wife: Ethel Marie Coleman
Born: 19 Oct 1923, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Died: 8 Oct. 1965, New Orleans, Louisiana
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana
Father: John Allen Coleman
Mother: Marie Antionette Perez-Follin
Sieward Steve Buining, Jr.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Follin Pedigree

An account of that branch of the Follin family pedigree belonging to Elwood R. Coleman, son of John Allen Coleman and Marie Antoinette Perez-Follin.

The Follin Pedigree
1. Michel Follin of Picardie France; married Mariam Esambour.
2. Francois Michel Auguste Follin,(son of Michel Follin and Mariam Esambour), born October,1731 in Beauchamps, Picardie, France; Died September 20, 1813 in Charleston, South Carolina; married Marie Francoise Juneau, b. 1755, in New Orleans, Louisiana, died December 1813 in Charleston, South Carolina. Francois Michel Follin moved to the French colony at Mole, St Nicholas, St Dominque,(now Haiti) . During the slave revolt in that country, his family refugeed to Charleston, SC . He had three sons and one daughter:
(1)Auguste Firmin Follin, the eldest son, born abt 1777 in St Dominque; married Melanie Noel of
France. (2)Jean Charles Auguste Follin, b.1779 in St Dominque; married Marie Joseph Hebert.(3)Mathew Firmin Follin,(known as Firmin),b.1789; married Magdeline Victoria Hebert.
(4) Eulalie Follin; married Joseph Phillip Times.
3. Auguste Firmin Follin, eldest son of Francois Michel Auguste Follin and Marie Francoise Juneau, born about 1777 in St Dominque; died about 1833 in Alabama. After his family refugeed to Charleston, SC, he moved to Philadelphia, PA. where another large French population resided. He became associated with other Bonapartists who planned to establish a French colony in the territory of Alabama,(now Marengo county Alabama),called the "Vine and Olive Colony," which ultimately failed. Many of these colonists then moved to the French colonies at Mobile, Alabama, and the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Auguste Firmin Follin married Melanie Noel, b. abt 1785 in France; died 1851 in Mobile, Alabama. Augustus Firmin Follin had five sons and three daughters:
(1) Charles R. Follin, b. Sep 30, 1799; married Susan Danforth. Their daughter was the
well known publisher, Miriam Florence Follin of New Orleans, also known as "Frank Leslie."
(2) Almaide Eugine Follin, b. 1806;married Lemuel G. Sanderson.
(3) Armand Augustus Follin, b. 1804. (4) Virginia Follin ; married Lewis Edward Bayol.
(5) Adolphus J. Follin, b. abt 1814. (6) Theodore M. Follin, b. abt 1817.
(7) Hortense J.G. Follin, b. 1818; married Gorham Davenport.
(8) Aristide F. Follin, b. abt 1821 in Alabama;married Mary Adela Bridges.
4. Armand Augustus Follin,(known as Augustus Follin), born 1804 in Philadelphia ,PA. He removed from that place with his family to the "Vine and Olive Colony," in Marengo county, Alabama. About 1827 he went to Spanish Honduras where in addition to being a merchant he was appointed as the American Consulate for Omoa and Truxillo. He continued to serve in that post until his death in January 1862. He is known to have had a large family but at present, only two children are known: (1) Charles R. Follin, b. 1836 in Honduras; married Maria Tomasa Bardales.(2) Hortense Follin, b. 1847 in Honduras.
5. Charles R. Follin, born 1836 in Spanish Honduras, son of Armand Augustus Follin of
Philadelphia, PA. He married Maria Tomasa Bardales of Honduras and they had at least two children: (1) Paulina Follin, b. 1864 ; married Jose Dolores Perez-Gomez.
(2) Augustus Follin, b. abt. 1866. Charles R. Follin began his career under the employ
of Ephraim George Squier,(second husband of Charles' cousin, Mariam Florence Follin), known for his field-work in Central America and Peru in the fields of Archealogy and Anthropology.
He traveled thru-out Central America with Squier in 1853 as his assistant and interpreter. Charles was fluent in the English, French, and Spanish languages. He was a Planter,
Merchant, and later, succeeded his father as the American Consulate for Omoa and Truxillo, Honduras . He was present at the arrival of Confederate immigrants to Spanish Honduras in 1867-68 and facilitated their establishment of the Confederate colony of Medina near San Pedro, Honduras as laison between them and the goverment of the Republic of Honduras.
Of the known children of Charles R. Follin of Spanish Honduras:(1)Paulina Follin, b. 1864, married Jose Dolores Perez-Gomez, a Cuban Patriot and nephew of Generalisimo Maximo Gomez-Baez, who remained in Spanish Honduras after traveling there with his
Uncle to gain support for the Cuban revolution. Paulina Follin was the maternal grandmother of
Elwood R. Coleman, son of John Allen Coleman and Marie Antoinette Perez-Follin.
(2)Augustus Follin, b. abt 1866, married Philipa Estrada. For a time, the family lived in New Orleans. After the death of Augustus Follin, his wife and children resided in Los Angeles, California.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family of William G. McClellan

Family Group No.350
Husband: William G. McClellan (McClelland, McLelland)
Birth: 1836, Georgia
Mother: Georgina McClellan
Death: 17 Dec 1872, Carrollton, Carroll co., GA.
Occupation: City Marshall, Carrollton, GA.
Military Service: Company H, 56th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, CSA

Married: 24 Dec 1857, Carroll county, Georgia

Wife: Sarah Jane Coleman
Birth: 1836, Cobb co., GA.
Father: Henry Allen Coleman
Mother: Sarah Ann Barnes

1. James B. McClellan, b. 1859
2. Joseph McClellan, b. Abt. 1860 , d. 8 Apr 1879

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family of Philip Marion Whisenhunt, Jr.

Family Group No.342
Husband: Philip Marion Whisenhunt, Jr.
Birth: 1839, Carrollton,Carroll co.,GA.
Death: 1900, Haralson co., GA.
Occupation: Farmer
Military Service: Company E., 1st Georgia Cavalry Regiment, CSA
Father: Philip Marion Whisenhunt, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Bell
Married: 11 Aug 1857, Carroll county, Georgia
Wife: Nancy C. Coleman
Birth: 1834, Cobb co., Georgia
Death: Lindale, Smith county, Texas
Father: Henry Allen Coleman
Mother: Sarah Ann Barnes
1. John Lewis Whisenhunt, b. 20 Sep 1859 ; Married Sarah Jane Grey Meredith
2. William G. Whisenhunt, b. Oct. 1861
3. Margaret C. Whisenhunt, b. Abt. 1863
4. Sarah L.A. Whisenhunt, b. Abt. 1865
5. Henry C. Whisenhunt, b. Abt 1869 ; Married Dochia Searcy
6. Mary L. Whisenhunt, b. Abt. 1872
7. Cintha C. Whisenhunt, b. Abt. 1874
8. Emmett W. Whisenhunt, b. Abt. 1877

Monday, March 9, 2009

Family of John Henry Coleman

Family Group 111

Name: John Henry Coleman
Occupation: Farmer
MILITARY SERVICE: 1st Georgia Cavalry Regiment,CSA
Born: 1 Jul 1840, Cobb co., GA.
Died: 21 Jan 1932, Hoke's Bluff, Etowah co., AL.
Buried: 1st Baptist Church cemetery, Hoke's Bluff.Etowah co., AL.
Father: Henry Allen Coleman, b. 28 Jan 1814
Mother: Sarah Ann Barnes, b. 27 Aug 1807
Married: 15 Nov 1870, Carrollton, Carroll co., GA.
Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Pentecost
Born: 21 Oct 1853, Campbell co., GA.
Died: 10 Jul 1938, Hoke's Bluff, Etowah co., AL.
Buried: 1st Bapt. Church Cem., Hoke's Bluff, Etowahco., AL.
Father: John Samuel Pentecost
Mother: Temperance Patience Arrington

1. John Henry Coleman, Jr., b. 31 Aug 1871; Married: Lynford O'Della Abernathy
2. Mary E. Coleman, b. 1874; Married: W.F. Fridell
3. William Allen Coleman, b. 3 Mar 1875 ; Married: Mary Theresa McCullom
4. Cynthia Eugenia Coleman, b. 1878; Married: R.W. (Bud) Palmer
5. Lemuel Kendrick Coleman, b. Abt. 1880 ; Married: Mimmie _______.
6. Dora F. Coleman, b. Abt. 1886 ; Married: Albert Holloway Fore

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Death of Francois Michel Auguste Follin

LAST WILL & TESTAMENT; Michel Follin Charleston, SC, Jun 27, 1812
On the 27th, of June 1812 at Seven O'Clock in the morning before me Barthelemy Vallenet, Chancellor of the Consulate of the French Empire in Charleston, S.C. resident there the undersigned in the presence of witnesses herein after named also undersigned at the request of Mr. Michel Follin a merchant living in said Town I am carried to his residenceon King Street, No. 102, and on arriving there found Mr. Follin in a lower room of the said mansion giving towards the Court seated in an Armchair, sick of body, and sound of mind, memory and understanding and ____________ thus he appeared to me and to the undersigned witnesses by his speech, gesture, manner _____________
his last Will which he himself declared without influence or suggestion from any one and which I have written in my own hand word for word as he said it.
"I am named Michel Follin. I am a native of Beauchamps of Picardie and age eighty-one and it may please God to dispose of me in the sickness with which I am afflicted.
I will and declare that my establishment situated at the corner of Berry and Penthieves Streets in the Town of Mole, St. Nicholas, the Island of Saint Domingo, to be and belong to my little daughter Eulalie Times and that my home in the Soucerome to be and belong to the children of my eldest son now living in Phildelphia, Pa.
As for my jewelry, silverware and other little objects which may be found in my apartment in the house where I am actually residing I give them entirely to my wife Francois Juneau in recognition of good service which she has rendered to me.
I declare anew that the mulatto Charles is the legitimate property of my wife and that nobody has any right to free him for less than a sum of One Thousand gourges I being responsible for this sum since my wife (is indebted?) to my eldest son now in Philadelphia.
I declare that what may be found in the house in which I live belongs to my two sons Auguste and Firmin and that it all came from their gains and savings which they have left me to help take care of my subsistence since the first of May _______________________________
I give to my said two sons, Auguste and Firmin my _______________
and as for the Box which contains my papers it shall be sent to my eldest son.
And to execute the present Will of mine I name as my Executors Auguste and Firmin Follin my children who shall render me this last service."
This was done, said, spoken, dictated and named by said Testator before me the Chancellor and by me read and repeated to him which was well understood by him to contain his last Will in the presence of Mr. Francois Gaspard, Etienne LaComb, Jean L. Pezant and Louis Pezant all French Refugees from Saint Domingo actually residing in the City of Charleston, witnesses required who after having read have signed together with the Testator before me the said Chancellor also signed on the minute.
(Signed) Follin
F. Gaspard, E. LaComb, J. Pezant, L. Pezant and Vallenet,

DEATH REGISTRATION (Extract): Translation of original document.

CONSULATE OF FRANCE AT CHARLESTON, Extract from Register of Acts, of births, marriages and deaths, in the Chancellory of France at Charleston, South Carolina.

This day, the twentieth of September, One Thousand, Eight Hundredand Thirteen, Five O'Clock in the evening. I, Louis de Fourcroy, Chevalier of the Empire, Member of the Legion of Honor, Consul of His Majesty the Emporor of France, King of Italy,at Charleston, South Carolina. Upon the information given to me by Sieur Auguste Follin, merchant living in this city that Sieur Michel Follin aged Eighty-Two Years, native of Beauchamp in Picardy, husband of Francoise Juneau, had died this day at a quarter before Mid-day, at Boundry Street where he made his residense, I was hastily carried to said home where I found in a lower room of the said house the dead body of Sr. Michel Follin, all of which I have expressed by word of mouth to the Chancellor of the Consulate, and the said Sr. appearing signed with me above Consul and said Chancellor also signed on Register. Follin, Fourcroy and Vallenet (two words erased).Collated and Stamped B. Fourcroy.
Seal of the Empire here Consul de France Charles Town around the Imperial Eagle.

BURIAL,(EXTRACT): Register of St Mary's Church cemetery, Charleston, SC" Book 11, Page 25: September 21, 1813 - Today there was buried in the cemetery of this Church the body of (?) Francois Michel Augustin Follin, native of Beauchamps in Picardy son of Michel Follin and Lady (dame) Mariam Esambour, age 82 years, 11 months, and 2 days. Merchant and resident of this City, where he had refuggeed from Mole, St Nicholas, Saint Domingo. In presence of _____Benoist, J.L. Pezant, J.J. Lapeune, F.G. Pague (?), J. Cheuman (?), Cloriviere (cure)"



1. Francois Michel Auguste Follin was born October 1731 in Beauchamps, Picardie, France. His wife, Marie Francoise Juneau, was born 1755 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Died December 1813 in Charleston, SC).

2. The name of the Follin family Chateau was "Chateau de Gama," located at St Dominque or Paris Two Lions.

3. The eldest son living in Philadelphia was Auguste-Firmin Follin, His brother Mathew Firmin Follin, was known as "Firmin."

4. Francois Michel Auguste Follin, b. Oct. 1731, was the 4th Great Grandfather of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr., (1921-1998), of New Orleans, Louisiana, son of John Allen Coleman and Marie Antoinette Perez-Follin.

1. Historical and Genealogical Research of the FOLLIN family by Mrs. C. Ritchie Simmons, Charleston, SC (1939): Provided by Mrs. Mary A. Potter, Philadelphia, PA.
2. Last Will & Testament of Michel Follin, June 27th, 1812, Charleston, SC.
3. Certificate of Death, French Consulate at Charleston, SC (French to English translation), Sep. 20, 1813
4. St Mary's Church, Charleston, SC., Church Register, Register of Marriages, Births, Death and Burials.
5. Obituary of Jean Charles Auguste Follin, Ref. "The Charleston Courier," March 15, 1835, Charleston, SC
6. Book of Internments, 1818-1837, St Mary's Catholic Church cemetery, Charleston, SC.
7. Deed, 1839, Marengo county, Alabama, Grantors: Follin family & Davenport family, Grantee: Stewart.

Last Will & Testament of Benjamin Register

Death of the elder Benjamin Register Date: April 5th, 1811
Notes: The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Register of Sampson co., NC

"In the name of God Amen, I Benjamin Register of the county of Sampson and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and perfect memory blessed be God, do this fifth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form that is to say.In the first place, I give and bequeath unto my son John Register my negro Penny, to him and his heirs forever my said negro woman Penny being old and somewhat infirm and having been hither a faithful slave to me in consideration thereof and for the taking of said negro woman in case she should become helpless, as it is likely she may and within a few years. I also give and bequeath unto my son John Register ten dollars, to be paid in money, also what property my negro woman Penny has of her own, to wit, a bed _____ and furniture, a chest, a table and two chairsd, etc. I give and bequeath unto my son John Register in care for my said Negro woman Penny, it being my wish she should enjoy them together with a cotton wheel and two pair of cotton cards.Secondly I give and bequeath unto the heirs or children of my son Silas Register deceased the sum of forty shillings to be paid them in money by my executors, and to be equally divided among them.Thirdly and lastly, I give and bequeath the balance of my estate unto my sons Thomas Register, Benjamin Register, John Register, Joseph Register, and my daughter Mary Cook to them and theirs forever to be equally divided among them, and I hereby make and ordain my son John Register and my trusty friend John Bryan, Executors to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and date above written.

Signatures:Benjamin Register signed with his mark which looks like a capital "B"

Signed, sealed published and declared by the said Benjamin Register the testator as his last will and testament in the presence of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof.
John Bryan
Burrell Register
John Register
Elias Sutton