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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Braswell-Carver Pedigree

An account of the BRASWELL-CARVER pedigree as it pertains to Merle Anita (Young) Coleman, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr. of New Orleans, LA.

Braswell-Carver Pedigree

1. Robert Braswell,(Bracewell), born 1612, London, England;was a graduate of Oxford University,and an Anglican Clergyman.He was a Virginia Plantation owner of lands totaling 1500 acres;Elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses;His wife's name was Rebecca;He died 1 May 1668, Isle of Wright, Virginia.Robert Braswell was the eighth great-grandfather of Merle Anita (Young) Coleman.

2. Richard Braswell,born 1650, Isle of Wright, Virginia;son of Rev. Robert and Rebecca Braswell;married Sarah Sampson,b.abt 1652,d.1720;his occupation was Planter.Richard Braswell,Sr. died 1720, Isle of Wright,VA.

3. Richard Braswell,Jr., born 1672, Isle of Wright, Virginia; son of Richard Braswell and Sarah Sampson;He married Ann Carver,b.1697 in Chowan county, North Carolina, daughter of William Carver and Jane Moore of Chowan co., NC.;Occupation, Planter. Richard Braswell, Jr. died about 1747 in Bladen county, North Carolina.His wife, Ann, died about 1759.

4. William Carver,(alias Braswell), son of Richard Braswell,Jr. and Ann Carver; born 1729 in Bertie, North Carolina, William's parents, Richard Braswell, Jr. and Ann Carver were not married at the time of his birth, and though they later married William assumed the maiden name of his mother "Carver" as was the custom of that day. William Carver (alias Braswell), married Mary Wilson. William died 1767, in Cumberland county, North Carolina.
(1) William Carver was an illegitimate son of Anne Carver and Richard Braswell, Jr. As an illegitimate he bore his mother's name as was the custom, however, his parents were married in later life.
(2) In the 17th century Virginia, and later in N.C., the name was written as Braswell or Bracewell but sounded as Brazwell. That practice led to the use of Braz or Braze as a favorite nickname for the sons.
(3) Notes for William Braswell Carver:William and brother Robert both died in 1767 in Cumberland county, North Carolina, testate. William's will was dated December 10, 1766 and was probated May term court 1767. William's will bequeathed to his wife Mary and their children Sampson, William, Jr.,Samuel, Robert, Jesse, James, John, and Mary. There, may have been another son Isham. Several of William and Mary's sons served in the Revolutionary War.

5. Sampson Carver, born 1755 in Cumberland county, North Carolina, and was the son of William Carver(alias Braswell), and Mary Wilson,; He married Rhoda Edmundson,b. 1760 in North Carolina. Sampson Carver was a Revolutionary War Soldier.He moved from North Carolina to Burke county,Georgia about the year 1800. He died in 1838 in Ware county, Georgia. His wife Rhoda, died 1853 in Coffee county, Georgia.

6. Jesse Carver, born 1786, in Cumberland county, North Carolina, was the son of Sampson Carver,(R.S), and Rhoda Edmundson. His wife's name was Boissy who was born about 1795. Jesse Carver died in 1866 in Clinch county, Georgia. His wife Boissy, died in 1855. Jesse and Boissy Carver had six known children: John B. Carver,James Carver,b. abt 1814;Susan Carver, Joshua Carver, b. abt 1825,William Carver, b. abt 1831, and Sampson B. Carver, b. abt 1834.

7. James Carver, born 1814, in Georgia, son of Jesse and Boissy Carver. He married Sarah Ricketson. Had a younger brother named Joshua Carver.
Notes: James grew up in Telfair Co., Georgia and at the age of 21 married Sarah. After their marriage, they moved to a farm on the then Ware and Telfair county line, where it later became Coffee County in 1854.James' will dated Sept. 12,1859 was probated May term 1860, Coffee Court of ordinary, and bequeathed his daughter Mahulda $100 and the remainder of the estate to his wife and other children. Son Jesse was the executor. James died about 1860.

8. Joshua Carver,born 1825 in Ware county, Georgia, son of Jesse and Boissy Carver; younger brother of James Carver;He married Rhoda Albritton,b. 1834 in Bryan county, Georgia.Joshua died 1875 in Coffee county, Georgia. Their daughter, Nancy Malinda Carver, born 16 May 1851, in Ware county, Georgia, married Peter Aaron Young, Sr. of Ware county, Georgia.

9. James Jefferson Carver, born 5 Apr 1850, in Telfair county, Georgia, son of James Carver and Sarah Ricketson (No.7). James Jefferson Carver married 15 Dec 1864 to Anna Jane Parker. Their daughter, Eliza Jane Carver,born 1875 in Ware county, Georgia, married Peter Aaron Young, Jr. ; James Jefferson Carver died 5 Mar 1934.
(1).Nancy Malinda Carver, wife of Peter Aaron Young, Sr. and Eliza Jane Carver, wife of Peter Aaron Young, Jr. were First Cousins one time removed. There common ancestors were Jesse and Boissy Carver.(2). Peter Aaron Young, Jr. and Eliza Jane Carver were the grandparents of Merle Anita (Young) Coleman, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr.

WILL of William Carver (alias Braswell)

Will of William CARVER (alias BRASWELL)
Written 10 Dec 1766, in Cumberland County, North Carolina
Probated May Court ,1767
Typed 16 Jan 1996 by me (James W. Green III) to the best of my ability to read, from negative & positive photostats made for me 7 Jan 1972 by the NC Archives, from the original handwritten will in the packet.

In The name of God, Amen. The Tenth Day of December anno Dom. oneThousand Seven hundred and Sixty Six. I William Carver of Cumberland County in theProvince of North Carolina. Being very Sick and weak in Body, but of perfect mindand memory, Thanks be given unto God: Therefore Calling unto mind the mortality ofmy Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, That is to Say, Principally, and first of all, I give and Recomend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it, and My Body I recommend to the Earth, to be Buried in Decent Christian Burial at the Descretion of my Executors; Nothing Doubting but at the General Resurrection, I Shall receive the Same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching Such worldy Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life, I give, Devise and Dispose of the Same in the following manner and form. Impremis, It is my Desier That first of all, my funeral Charges Shall bePaid, and also after that, all my other Debts to Be payd and Discharged out of my Estate,
Item. I give and Bequeath to my Son Samson Carver, Two negros viz. Bet and Jo and Five Cows and Calves five Sows and pigs, One feather Beds and furniture, Belonging Thereto, one Still, and the plantation and Land I Bought of Richard Dunnin Bladen County, and Two horses and Two Breading mairs, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever .
Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Son William Carver, Two negros viz John and Luce and also five Cows and Calves, five Sows and pigs, Two horses and Two Breading mairs, one fether Bed and furniture there of; and a peace of Land Lying and Joyning Elwells Land and Down the River to the Bottom a place known By that name, and then to Run Square of from the River to the Back line and So round to the first Station to him and his heirs and assigns For Ever, ---
Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Son Robert Carver, Two Negros viz Soney and Venice, and also five Cows and Calves and five Sows and Pigs, Two horses, and Two Breading mairs, one fether Bed and its furniture and also a peace of Land Begining at the Bottom Williams Loer line and Down theRiver to the loer End of a field called atkinsons field and to Run out from the river Through a thicket Before the Door, and to Continue to the Back lines and So Round toThe first Station, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever,
Item. I give and Bequeath unto my son Samuel Carver, Two negros viz Mingo and a garl Called littel Luce, and also five Cows and Calves, five Sows andPigs Two horses, and Two Breading mairs, one fether Bed and its furniture and also a peace of Land, Beginning at the loer End of a field called Atkinsons field and Down the River to Loer End of my land and So round to Roberts line and to the first Station, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever,
Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Jesse Carver, Two negros viz Simon and Rose, and also five Cows and Calves, five Sows and pigs Two horses, and Two Breading mairs one fether Bed and its furniture, and also a peace of Land in Bladen County known by the name of Gillils meadow, The Patent is at John Rice's at or near Newbors and I have his Receipt, to him his heirs & assigns forever Item, I give and Bequeath to my Son James Carver, Two negros viz, Jemone and Nan, and also five Cows and Calves, five Sows and pigs, Two horses and Two Breading mairs, one feather Bed and its furniture, to him his heirs & assigns Item, I give and Bequeath unto my Son John Carver, Two negros viz Oliver and Henery, and also five Cows and Calves, five Sows and pigs, Two Horses, Two Breading mairs, one fether Bed and its furniture, to him and his heirs for Ever, and I also give and Bequeath unto my Son William Carver one more negro named Tom, and I order that he Shall pay his Brother John Carver when he Coms of age the Sum of fifty pounds proclamation money,and I also give and Bequeath unto my Son Samson Carver, the one half of all my housel goods for Ever, And I order that he Shall pay his brother John Carver when of age the Sum of fifty pounds proclamation money,and I also give and Bequeath unto my Son James Carver, one more negro named George to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever, and further order That my Sheep Shall Remain ondevided for the use of the Children Till the younger Coms of age, and then to be Equally Devided Among all my Children and also I order that the Genie Shall not Be devided Be and Remain for the use of keeping all the Beds in Repare Till the younger Children Com of age, then to be Equally Devided amongst all my children And Let in Case any of the Children Before mentioned Shall Die Before they Should have an heir Lawfully Begotten, (for want of ? Heir, order that his or their portion Shall be Equally Devided amongst them That are alive, Item I give and Bequeath unto my Dear and well Beloved wife Mary Carver, Two negrows viz Jim and patience and also five Cows and Calves Five Sows and pigs, one feather Bed and its furniture, Two horses, Two breading mares, to her and her assigns forever, Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Carver, Two negros viz Sal and John, that is called Littel John, five Cows and Calves, five Sows and pigs, one fether Bed and its furniture, one horse and Side Saddel and Bridel, to her and her heirs and assigns for ever. I further order and Desire that my Children Shall all have Good Schooling and have Left Three negros viz, Jack, harry, Vilet, their Labour is toPay for the Schooling of my Children, and further order that the negros Shall not be hired out, or Taken from the Plantations or Labour I Formely followed, But kept to Geather abought their usual Labours And I further give and Bequeath unto my Deer wife Mary Carver the other half of my Househel good, for Ever, and Leave her actel possessen of the house, During her Widowhood, or till my Son Robert Carver Shall marrey, and after he marreys, if She Continues a widow To have the Liberty of of the Loer grant or the upper grant of this House During her widowhood, And Lastly I Constitute, make and ordain my Loving wife Mary Carver one of my Executrix and Joseph Dunn and Silvenus Wilson My Executors, of this my Last Will and Testament and I do here by utterly Disallow, Revoke and Disanul all and Every other and former Testemente, Wills Legacies and Bequests, and Executors, by me in anyways Before named, willed and Bequeathed, Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament, In witness Where of I have here unto Set my hand and Seal the Day and year Above written
Signing }
William Carver
Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and Declared by the Said William Carver as his Last will and Testament, in the presence of us The Subscribers - - - - -

Richd Elwell , North Carolina Cumberland County
? May Cort 1767
Richard Richardson

Then was the Exn of this Will in Open Court proved
Benja Cooper
By the Oath of Richd Richardson & Benjamin Elwell two of the subscribing Evidences thereto and Mary Carver Executrix & Silvanus Wilson & Joseph Dunn Executors therein Mentioned Qualified Agreeable to Law -- Ordered that they have Letters --
Testamentary -- Thos Rutherford CC
Exor Mary Carver Silvanus Willson & Joseph Dunn

WILL of Robert Braswell

Last Will & Testament of Robert Braswell

Isle of Wright County, Virginia
Will and Deed Book I, Volume A ,page 52

"In the name of God Amen,I Robert Bracewell being very weake & Sicke of Body but of perfectt memorie,doe make this my last will and testament,revokinge all former wills whatsoever,Imprimis I be queath my Soule into the hands of my Redeemer,who gave it mee, And my body unto the ground from whence it came to be decently buried, and for thos temporall goods God hath given mee I dispose of them in manner as followeth,I give unto my daughter Jane Stokes her children three cowes, To Rebecca West my daughter one cow and Calfe and one cowe and calfe to the next child she may have, and the rest of all my estate unto my two sonnes Robert and Richard whome I make my full and sole executors of this my will, and the Mill I desire shall be finished with what speed my bee and to be lett out,only reserving corner for themselves, and the p.duce of the mill to be equally divided between them both, and reserved to build a new mill hereafter and when built to be left wholly to my sonne Richard likewise I give seven hundred acres of land where I now live and six hundered acres at the western Branch of Nancemond County to be equall divided between my two sonnes Robert and Richard likewise it is my desire that noe part of parcell of the estate shall be disposed of nor none of the land untill they both are of full age nor no wayes divided but if it shall please God that either of them shall depart this life before he comes of age that then the survivior shall enjoye the whole likewise I give unto my servant Elizabeth Hall when she shall b e free one heiffer of two years of age and likewise it is my desire that my lvonign friends Mr Richard Izard and George Gwillim to be guardians unto my children in the time of their minoritie and to see this my will performed likewise I give unto the said Richard Izard and George G willim fortie shillings to each of them to buy them each one ring,likewise I give unto my daughter Ann Bagnall one cow and calf and one cow and calf to her first child,if it please God she have any and likewise it is my desire that my two sonnes Robert and Richard shal be put to scholle until they can both read and write. And this being my will I testifie it with my hand this 15th of February 1667.

Rob Bracwell

In Wittness of
George G willim
Richard Izard
This will was proved in open court helf for the Isle
of Wight County this first day of May 1668 and then recorded

WILL of James Carver

Taken from Minutes & Garnishment Book A - 1854-1861 at the Coffee County Probate Office Submitted by Melody Moore McCook

In the name of God Amen I James Carver of said State and county being of advanced age, deem it right & proper, both as it respects my family & self, that I should make a disposition of the property of which a kind providence so has blessed me.
I do therefore make this my last will & testament, hereby revoking all others hearto fore made by me.
Item 1. I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decint & christian like manner suitable to my ____in life my Soul I trust that my soul will return to rest to God who give
Item 2. I desire that all my just debts be paid without delay, by my executor hearin after appointed as I am unwilling my creditors should be delayed in there respects ______no necessity for delay.
Item 3. I give and bequeath to my daughter Hulduh Minix, wife of John Till____ ____ _____ the despositions of her _____or any _____ _____husband One hundred dollars of my Estate. I appoint my trusty & _____ son Vincent Ricketson ______of the money hearin given bequeathed to my daughter Hulduh Minix and her children(?).
Item 4. All the remainder of my property both real and personal, shall be equally divided amongst the remainder of my heirs Except my son Jesse which I have given him ___ ___ Jesse his portion of my property.
Item 5. I hereby constitute and appoint my worthy son Vincent Ricketson Executor of this my last will & Testament this January 14th 1861

James X Carver his mark
Signed Sealed & declared and published by James Carver as his last will and Testament in presence of us the subcribers who subscribed herunto in the presents of said Testator his special instances & requests and of each other this January the 14th 1861.
James R Smith
Henry _ C harper
Daniel Newbern __C
State of Georgia,
Coffee County
Personally appeared in open court James R Smith and after being duly sworn says that he saw James Carver sign seal and declare this written above named will and signed the same as a witness & that he saw Henry _ C Harper & Daniel Newbern do so likewiseSworn to subscribe before me this 14th day of January 1861
James R Smith
A M ___

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Albritton Pedigree

An account of the Albritton pedigree as it pertains to Merle Anita (Young) Coleman,d/o Peter L. Young and Mary Belle Register, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr.

Albritton Pedigree
1. Francis Albritton, born 1609 or 1610 in England.
(1). Francis Albritton was born 1609 in England. He married an Irish girl who bore him seven children. He immigrated to America with his family about 1650. Early Virginia records show Francis Albritton, (spelled Albrighton), purchased land in York county, Virginia on January 19th, 1651 from John Fleet, a Virginia planter. In 1655, He purchased additional land adjoining his first purchase. He filed his WILL in York county, Virginia on April 9, 1667, naming his seven children: Richard, Francis, Elizabeth, John, Amy Ann, Margaret, and George Albrighton. He signed his Will as Francis Albritton. His sons, Richard, John, and George later signed their Wills as "Albritton," as well.
(2). Dr. E.C. Albritton of Bethesda, MD. has done consideralble research on the Albrittons of Virginia. He noted that one "Robert Alberton," came in the first supply ship to the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608 and said: "surely Robert is the father of Francis Albrighton of York co., VA."
(3) Francis Albritton was the 12th great-grandfather of Elwood R. Coleman, Jr. on the maternal side of his family.
2. George Albritton, born 1636 in Virginia, son of Francis Albritton of England.
Notes: George Albritton, an early Virginia Planter, was the son of Francis Albritton. He was born about 1636 and died about 1690 in York co., VA. In January 1689, He told the court he was 53 years old "or there abouts". His only surviving issue was Ralph Albritton.
3. Ralph Albritton, born 1656, York county, Virginia, son of George Albritton of Virginia.His wife's name was Mary. Ralph died 21 Jan 1701 in York co., VA.
Notes:(1). Ralph Albritton, son of George, was born 1656 in York co., VA. and died there on January 21, 1701. According to Charles Parish, Virginia records, 1648-1789, (pp 42-43, 201), he was married to MARY and had seven children born to them, all in Charles Parish: Thomas b. 1 Aug 1682, Edward b. 17 Dec 1686, John b. 2 Sep 1688, William b. 7 JUl 1691, Ralph b. 10 Jul 1692, Richard b. 19 Apr 1698, and Benjamin b. 22 Jul 1700.
(2). The Albritton family bloodline extends from Ralph's son, Thomas, who was the only son to survive.

4. Thomas Albritton, born 1 Aug 1682, Charles Parish, York county, Virgina;son of Ralph and Mary Albritton of York county, Virginia.His wife was Agness;she died 1727.
(1). Thomas Albritton, the only surviving son of Ralph and Mary Albritton, was born 1 Aug. 1682 in Charles Parish, York co., VA. He married AGNES in York co., VA. in 1704. Two children issued from this marriage; James born in 1705 and Agnes born 13 May 1707. Agnes died by the year 1730.
(2). Thomas purchased 57 acres on Eastern Shore, Lenhaven Parish, Princess Anne county, Virginia on 2 Apr 1715 and three years later bought additional property. On 3 Apr 1727, he sold some of his land and Agnes released her dower rights. Within the year , (1727),Agnes died and Thomas remarried ANN in Princess Anne county, Virginia.
(3). In 1731, Thomas made his Last Will and Testament dividing his property between Ann and his only son, James Albritton. Thomas died on 3 May 1731 in Princess Anne co., VA. at the age of 49 years leaving his son James as Executor of his estate and "all my saddle tools." There is no record of any children issued from his second marriage to ANN.
5. James Albritton, born 17 Sep 1705 in Charles Parish, York county, Virginia, son of Thomas and Agness Albritton of Charles Parish,York co., VA. His wife was Elizabeth Lanier.
(1). James Albritton moved with his family to Princess Anne county, Virginia in 1715. He inherited the family plantation on Kendall's Island after the death of his father. In addition, according to his father's WILL, he inherited a horse, mill, and his father's saddle tools.
(2). James married first to ELIZABETH LANIER about 1725 in Princess Anne co., VA. To them were born: Matthew b. 1727, Thomas b. 1729, James b. between 1733-1736, Peter b. 1742, and George b. 1743.
(3). After the death of his first wife, James remarried AMY (PETIT ?). To them were born Richard b. 1745, and Henry b. 1748 .
(4). In March 1741, James sold his property on Kendall's Island in Princess Anne co., VA. and moved to old Beaufort county, North Carolina , now Pitt county, NC. He purchased a plantation there in 1744. James spent the rest of his life in Pitt co., NC where his occupations were Planter and Saddler.
6. Thomas Albritton, born 1729 in Princess Anne county, Virginia; son of James Albritton and Elizabeth Lanier of Charles Parish, York county, Virginia. His wife's name was Margaret.
7. John Albritton,born 1750 in Pitt county, North Carolina, son of Thomas and Margaret Albritton of Princess Anne county, Virginia. In 1774, He married Averilla Altherton,born 1758 in Pitt county, North Carolina.
(1).John Albritton was a Revolutionary War Veteran, He served during the war in the North Carolina Militia.
(2). In 1776, John and his uncles George and Richard,together with their families, left Pitt county and traveled west to Rockingham, North Carolina. He later moved to South Carolina and spent a number of years there eventually removing to the state of Georgia.John's earliest recorded residence in Georgia was in Effingham County, where he had 126 acres surveyed on September 6, 1784. He lived in that portion of Effingham County that later was made into Screven County. John was granted 200 acres of land in Effingham and 250 acres in Burke County, April 26,1798. John received additional grants in 1802 of 435 acres of land in Bullock County and 200 acres in Effingham County.John moved from Bullock to Bryan County, Georgia, around 1794 and was appointed Justice of the Peace for the First District of Bryan County, January 6, 1795. He was also a judge of the inferior court in Bryan County and was reappointed Justice of the Peace on April 1, 1799. His name also appears on the jury list for Bryan County in 1797.John later moved with his family to Wilkenson County, Georgia in 1807. John purchased 185 acres from John Dukes on Ashes Branch. He was a charter member of the Popular Springs Baptist Church and served as a moderator at its first conference held August 22, 1807. He lived there until his death in 1815.
8. Thomas Henry Albritton,Sr., born 1776 in Pitt county, North Carolina, son of John Albritton and Averilla Altherton;He married Mary Ann Strickland of Robeson county, North Carolina,daughter of Joel J. and Elizabeth Strickland.
(1). Thomas Henry Albritton, Sr. had three marriages: First wife, Elizabeth Strickland 1788-1828;Second wife,Mary Ann (Polly) Strickland 1792-1831; Third wife,Rhoda Frances Strickland 1802-1868
(2). Thomas was born in North Carolina in 1776. He came with his parents to Effingham County, Georgia as a child and grew up there. His father's land was cut into Bullock County in 1796.
(3). Thomas was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Bullock County Militia, August 26, 1808.In 1823, He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Bryan co., GA. Militia., 19th district. where he also served as Sheriff of Bryan county from 1824 to 1826. Thomas served in Captain James Walker's Company of the Ware couny, Georgia Militia during the 1838 Seminole Indian War. His sons: Henry, Noah, Thomas H., and James also served with him in the 1838 Seminole Indian War.
(4). About the year 1805, Thomas married Mary Ann ,(Polly) ,Strickland. She was born in 1792, daughter of Joel and Elizabeth Strickland. She died in Bryan,County Georgia about 1831.Thomas and his first wife, Polly, were received by letter July 22, 1809, into Popular Spring Baptist Church in Laurens County, Georgia, from Black Creek Church in Bullock County. This shows that Thomas and family moved to Laurens along with his brother Matthew, and their father moved to Laurens along with his brother Matthew, and their father, John, but they did not stay long. The Popular Spring Church records show that Thomas was expelled for fighting, November 7, 1812. He then moved back to Bullock County where he was granted land the next year. About 1818, he sold his 500 ace plantation in bullock and moved to Bryan County, where he made his home on Savage Creek. Thomas was granted 600 acres there in 1820. Between 1824-1826, Thomas's first wife, Polly, died and about a year later, Thomas married secondly to Mrs. Rhoda Parker, the widow of John Parker of Liberty county. Rhoda was the daughter of David Strickland. Rhoda and Polly , Mary Strickland), were cousins. In 1835, Thomas sold out and moved to the 590th District of Ware County, Georgia. He was Justice of the Peace from 1841 - 1845. In 1858, Thomas removed from Ware co., Georgia to Pierce,(now Brantly), county, Georgia.Thomas died in Pierce co., GA. on 18 March 1865 leaving his son, Henry W. Albritton as Administrator of his estate.(Anotherr source gives his death as 26 Aug 1853 ?)
9. Henry W. Albritton, born 1806 in Bulloch county, Georgia, son of Thomas Henry Albritton, Sr.,and Mary Ann Strickland of North Carolina. His wife's name was Amelia.He reportedly died in Ware County, Georgia.
10. Rhoda Albritton, was born 1834 in Bryan county, Georgia,daughter of Henry W. and Amelia Albritton.Rhoda Albritton married Joshua Carver of Ware county, Georgia. Their daughter, Nancy Malinda Carver, 1851-1898, married Peter Aaron Young, Sr., P.L. Young,Sr. and Nancy M. Carver were the great grandparents of Merle Anita Young, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr.,of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Artillery Mission

Sergeant John Allen Coleman, Jr., checks gun aim before he and his crew fire their howitzer.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confederate History

"All that the South has ever desired was the Union as established by our forefathers should be preserved and that the government as originally organized should be administered in purity and truth." --- General Robert E. Lee, CSA

"Governor, if I had foreseen the use these people desired to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox, no, sir, not by me. Had I seen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand." --- General Robert E. Lee, CSA - as told to Texas ex-governor F. W. Stockdale

Casino Sampedrano Board of Directors (1921)

Casino Sampedrano 1921
Board of Directors, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

(Junta Directiva 1921)

Presidente: Francisco Paredes F.
Vice Presidente: James H. Coleman
Vocal Primero: Ricardo Lopez
Vocal Segundo: Juan R. Lopez
VocalTercero: W.F. Coleman
VolcalCuarto: Adolfo Zuniga
1er. VocalSuplente: Luis Bogran
2do. VocalSuplente:J.M. Mitchell
3er. VocalSuplente: Presentacion Centeno
Secretario: Vidal Mejia
Pro-Secretario: Presentacion Centeno
Tesorcro: Julian Barrio
Sindico: Juan M. Galvez
Bibliotecario: Harry F. Panting

Source: Invitation celebrating the 75th Aniversary of the"Casino Sampedrano", on November 9, 1996. Provided by: John Forrest Coleman (deceased), San Pedro Sula, Honduras.