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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coleman Mills

In the late 1800's, the Coleman brothers, William Allen Coleman, and James P. Coleman, known as Jim and Allen Coleman, owned and operated a Cotton Gin at Whooping Creek, Georgia about eight miles south east of Carrollton. Whooping Creek was later renamed "Clem," Georgia. The name being a contraction of "Coleman."

Photo Credit: Scott Jackson,of Carrollton, GA.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tom Coleman

James Thomas(Tom)Coleman, son of James P. Coleman, at work in the family jewelry store in Carrollton, Georgia (1890). Source: Georgia National Archives, Virtual Vault, Photos of Carrollton, Georgia.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Laura Coleman and Cleve Kingsbery

Laura Kolb Coleman , daughter of William Allen Coleman of Carrollton,GA. and Clara Eliza Kolb of Marietta, GA. shown with her Fiancee, Edwin Cleveland Kingsbery, known as Cleve Kingsbery, son of Edwin Kingsbery and Emily Sharpe Cleveland.
This photo was taken on August 30th, 1905 in Carrollton, Georgia. The couple were married on August 8th, 1906 in Carrollton.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Riggs Family of Carroll county,Georgia

The family of the Reverend John Riggs, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Sixth District, Carroll county, Georgia:

JOHN RIGGS, b. 22 May 1812, North Carolina, d. 30 Dec 1861(?),Georgia
Married: JANE FLORENCE, b. 22 May 1814, Lincoln co., GA.,(daughter of Thomas Florence and Lucy Blaylock of Lincolnton,GA.) d. 5 May 1869, Carroll co., GA.

Sarah M. Riggs, b. 1833, m. Thomas Cartwright
Josephine B. Riggs, b. 24 Dec 1835, m. William B. Adams
Cynthia Florence Riggs, b. 27 Mar 1837, m. William Allen Coleman
James Madison Riggs, b. 1839, m. Susan Florida Crockett
Alice W. Riggs, b. 1843, m. William J. Sims
Stephen Alexander Hamilton Riggs, b. 3 Sep 1846, m. Mary Jane McCain
John Q. Riggs, b. 22 Apr 1848, m.(1st)Anna V. Crockett,(2d)Lizzie D. ___?
Emma B. Riggs, b. 31 Jan 1850, m. Zachariah T. Kinney

Notes for Reverend John Riggs:John Riggs was born 22 May 1812 in North Carolina. At the age of 16, he came to Georgia where he became a Baptist minister. He resided in Butts county, Georgia where he is recorded as a member of the Grand Jury in 1845. In 1857, he is recorded in the Carroll county, Georgia Tax rolls for the sixth district.
In 1850 John Riggs was living in Butts co., GA. with Real Estate valued
at or funds of $500.00. He helped to take this census.
On 26 Jun 1854 John, Jane and Sarah Riggs are charter members of the
Bethel Baptist Church in Carroll county, Georgia.
Death: Died 30 Dec 1861 (not proven) Jul 7, 1862 (Ltrs of Admin., Carroll co., GA.). Place of burial is unknown.
LAND: Carroll county, Ga., Tax Digest, 6th district, 749 Military District:
(1)1857: John Riggs, 1 pole, 4 children 8-16, 405 acres land lots 147 and 124
6th district, Carroll co., Ga., land value $1620. Cash $90.00, other property
$325.00, total $2035.00
(2)1858: John Riggs, 1 pole, 405 acres, value $1600.00, cash $75.00, Other
property $475.00. Total $2150.00 tax $428
(3)1859: 1 pole, 4 children, 405 acres, $1600.00, cash $10.00. Other property
$425.00, tax $2.64
(4)1860: John Riggs, 1 pole, 4 children, 405 acres, $1600, cash $50.00, other
property $150.00, tax $531

BURIALS: Many of the Riggs family members are buried at the Bethel Baptist Church cemetery, near the town of Temple, in Carroll county, Georgia.